Cultural Integration and Performance of Subsidiaries in Foreign Markets

The Project:
One of the companies for which Cyrille worked owns wholly-owned business units in France, the UK, Germany, Belgium, Sweden, Russia, Japan, Brazil, Canada, China and the United States. In any US company with global operations, there are many challenges in the communication of the company philosophy, values, culture, strategy, key initiatives and results. Cultural and language differences can never be ignored. The same company also made several acquisitions, two of which in Europe where Cyrille was responsible for their integration.

The Process:
There are endless factors that influence the successful integration of a foreign subsidiary. Likewise, obtaining great business performance requires superior local leadership, leadership who cannot be successful without the proper understanding of the headquarters’ expectations and culture.

The Solution:
There are many best practices that need to be in place to obtain the appropriate synergy between a foreign subsidiary and its headquarters. In the end though, it all comes down to an environment with open, candid and constructive communication.